Frequently Asked Questions

10 Things Every Client Should Know For Their Appointment

3. Debit/credit/checks/cash are all accepted
4. Be patient - grow your brows out for at least 2-3 weeks max. Try castor oil with a warm cloth for at least 3 minutes a night. Stimulation is key for this method so brush the brows in the direction of hair growth before and after with the warm cloth.
5. Monthly appointments are recommended along with suggested home routines after each service.
6. You may email a photo and questions to
7. If you are scheduling for someone else and you will be arriving separately please schedule separately. Appointments may be made back to back to arrive together.
8. After Scheduling you will receive a confirmation by text and email
9. There is a fee for No Call - No Show and Cancellations cancelled with less than 24 Hours Notice.
10. Consistency is key to eyebrow perfection

What if I breakout after my waxing?

Depending on whether there is irritation from an allergic reaction taking place or if the skin is reacting to trauma, be mindful and speedy with an application of a topical cream such as Benadryl anit-itch cream or Cortizone 10, both which can be found at your local drug store. Wait at least 72 hours before using acne treatment products. If you find that the same irritation occurs with frequent sessions, you may want to try a tweeze only session

What service would be best for me?

Email a photo of your brows to and Jovanna will give you advice on which services will best fit you and why.

What is tinting?

A water-Resistant, vegetable based cream formula using lower levels of peroxide rather than traditional hair dye. Staining color on to the brow hairs and skin, creates the appearance of fuller and more defined brows. Great service for special occasions or an event. Also helpful if you need guidance filling in your brows

Is tinting safe

Yes, you may also request a test patch.

What are 3D sleek brows?

Great for clients that have little to no brows, The 3D look is achieved by using a water-resistant, smudge proof, micro fiber sculpting paste exclusive to Sleek Brows ™ . Extensions may be added to add a more realistic effect at the discretion of the client. JoVanna is a certified & trained esthetician and 3D Sleek Brows technician. Verifiable on

How long does the HD tint and shaping take?

The tinting process only takes a few minutes.

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