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Top 8 Tips to Better Brows


f you’ve ever had the experience at the #BBJSalon then you’ve heard me say,

“How much water did you drink today?”

“Are you stressed out at work?”

Believe or not, I’m not psychic – your brows tell me everything!! #BrowWhisperer

Healthy skin can provide the hair follicles embedded in the deep layers of skin with enough vitamins and proteins to stimulate growth…we need to also make sure we are taking care of our bodies by improving our healthy lifestyle and eating habits (yes, yes I know but hear me out…). These are the top tips I share with my clients that gets them undoubtable results.

  • Drink. More. Water!  You may feel like you drinking a lot but if you’re not getting enough, your brows and skin may suffer. The goal is drink half of your body weight in ounces so if you are 200 lbs., you should be drinking a minimum of 100 ounces in water.

    • Add lemons cucumbers or strawberries to your water to increase your absorption and hydration

  • Exercise – Walk around your building, take the stairs, any type of movement for 30 minutes a day is great for your body

  • Eat dark leafy greens full of folic acid and iron.

  • Brush brows daily for stimulation to the root of the follicle would be. It doesn’t seem like very much at first but it is extremely helpful

  • Consistently using the correct skin care products for your skin type encourages healthier skin!  Know your skin type and work with it!

  • Vitamins – Take a hair skin and nail vitamin daily.

  • Reduce the stress in your life!  this includes people who hold things in – thinking out of sight out of mind until you get up in the morning with no brows LOL!…. So sorry just kidding 📷 They won’t be completely gone but they will be noticeable thinner over time.

  • Use organic products to help encourage healthy hair growth.  If you read my blog about oil and brow growth, we made a great list of oils that work wonders.  The organic version of each oil usually heed the best results.

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